Monday, September 27, 2010

Guitar Alive 2010

*removed :D*
Ok. Laugh all you want.
It's fugly, I know.
Force to wore this for my first ever 'concert'.
And apparently I'm the only sohai who wear looooooooooong skirt !@#%*&$

Guitar Alive 2010 @ Malaysia Tourism Center, 29 Sept 2010
Not solo of course.
I don't know why must wear until so formal.
I mean this is a student performance
so shouldn't be wearing something casual like black tee and jeans?
I look short. Damn...
Formal dress-sister's, Freaking long skirt-mom's, Shoes-friend's
This explains why I look so fugly.
None of them were mine.
My feet are so huge that I almost had to go up the stage barefoot.
Seriously, usually I look much better. Hahahahahaha.

Spot me? :D

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bean Boozled

Finally got this =D
Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Inside of it is a combination of all of these (below)
where there are many jelly beans that look alike
but taste like heaven and hell
ie. Vomit vs Peach, Moldy Cheese vs Caramel Corn *read yourself*

I don't know why I so suei...
I challenged my brother 4 times and I kept getting all those weird flavours.
We tried peach, coconut, berry blue and buttered popcorn

Then I brought to tuition to play with friends
Played with one of them
and both of us so suei got vomit...
it tasted exactly like vomit *puke*
the worst part of it is the smell will remain in your mouth
and every time when I wanted to have another one or if I get some nice flavour I will still somehow feel like I'm eating vomit
So those with weak stomach don't attempt to try

It would be a hell of fun if you're eating with a bunch of people
Are you Bean Bozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzled ? =D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bareno Run 2010

My first run ever...
Never thought that I would be able to finish a 10 KM run
and won myself a medal...muahahahaha

I got a jersey and a medal*
(*First 500 runners of the Female-10KM category will get a medal)

And 2 blisters =.=
I got the first one when I'm at the first 2KM...

Then another at 4KM...
I dragged all the way to the finishing point
Every step that I walked...It HURTS T.T
and I can feel the water inside moving
It was such a miracle that I won a medal and placed 268 out of 500
as I had been such a lazy bum for not training for it
And I'm not really the exercise kind of type

The most irony part during the race was
during my last 2 KM
I saw this

Then I was like thinking to myself
"Perhaps there is hope for me to win"
But at the same time, my phone played BEP's meet me halfway
Fergie sings, "Ooh~ I can't go any further than this"
I nyaris-nyaris gave up because of that
the song is so not motivative
some more meet me halfway...=.=

Ignore the fat look
Bareno Run 2010
March 14, 2010

Energize Night Race
March 27, 2010
another 10km run

Monday, January 11, 2010

I banyak kampung

Because I never been to KLCC
until last Saturday kidnapped by 2 friends to there
Went there for the education fair
Actually was to accompany my friends
because as y'all know
I'm currently taking Form 6 and college ain't my option for further study
Unless I so freaking suei can't get the courses and Uni that I want
Thinking of taking short baking or culinary art courses
See these wonderful little things that they made

I wanna learn baking~

See how cute...

Wonder how long they took to carve this

Did a quick check-up over there
And I measured 152.5cm?
152.5cm?! How is that possible
I'm short and fat...FML
Feels like taking science subject again
But there's no turning back
Will consider on taking SAT after STPM

*P.S. School been really torturing...Damn busy ever since school reopen

Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year everyone...
I know I'm kinda late to wish so
But still.........
Happy New Year...
Wishing everyone a great year ahead =D
Hopefully 2010 would be a year of mine...
And I can achieve all my goals... least 2 of them
1. Buy a DSLR!!!
(Been talking bout this like for ages already)

2. Grow taller

( least 2 or 3 cm more)
3. Cut off bad habits

(Uncountable of bad habits I CURSING XD)
4. 4 flat 4 flat

(Dying for 4 flat)

2010 is going to be a significant year

**P.S. Woohooo...CNY ahead!!!!